A Christmas Carol: Unique Taunton Brewhouse adaptation

Helena Payne, writer of the show, and also a Taunton local, reveals that attendees to the upcoming rendition can expect some unique touches.

Ms Payne explained: “Our audiences can expect a fresh take on a familiar tale, bold storytelling, phenomenal music and extraordinary puppetry.

“You will also get to witness some incredible performances from world-class artists that will leave you breathless.”

Drawing inspiration from the local environment, Pleasure Dome aims to render a distinct South West twist to the timeless classic.

Ms Payne highlights how they root their stories in a sense of place and time that resonates with the audiences and artists alike.

She prompted audience members to “look out for references to places in Taunton that you might know and some other famous landmarks from the region.”

Somerset County Gazette: Helena Payne, writer of A Christmas Carol - and a Taunton localHelena Payne, writer of A Christmas Carol – and a Taunton local (Image: Taunton Brewhouse)

While faithful to the original, the company’s rendition will focus more on the relationship between Scrooge and his sister, Fan.

They delve deeper into Scrooge’s character, exploring whether his bitterness and love for money stem from losing his sister.

Despite the story’s structure, Ms Payne insists that “there is nothing two dimensional about the performances you will see on stage.”

The staging and set designs bring another level of magic to this production.

Using a young girl’s train journey from Taunton to London as a backdrop creates an innovative stage.

Ms Payne further entices the audience, saying, “Look out for the Christmas Tree and when the worlds of Charles Dickens’ story and our contemporary heroine start to collide and merge.”

Despite the centuries that have passed since its conception, A Christmas Carol’s social themes still ring true today.

The theatre, according to Ms Payne, is a space to question ourselves and society.

Pleasure Dome explores the parallels between a modern family and the families in Dickens’ tale, hoping audiences might find common humanity with those who share the stage.

Adding to the emotional depth of the performance, the original music composed specifically for this production will help viewers to better connect with the storytelling.

Ms Payne encourages the audience to pay attention to the recurring festive motifs woven into the score and to see how many Christmas carol melodies they can spot.

Ms Payne concludes her behind-the-scenes tour with praising the teamwork that went into the production: “What makes this production special is the incredible team who’ve come together to write, direct, design, light, compose, stage manage and perform this piece.”

The unique adaptation of A Christmas Carol, which will run at Taunton Brewhouse from December 5 until December 30.

Tickets are now available for sale online.

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