Applebees Health and Channel Adventure launch Unstoppable

Applebees Health and Channel Adventure, situated in French Weir Park, have started the “#unstoppable” program.

The unique scheme, launched last week, combines physical exercise, adrenaline-inducing sports, relaxation techniques, resilience training, and other tools to bolster both physical and mental wellness.

Scheduled for twice a week, the activities include boxing, water sports, life coaching, strength work, axe throwing, and campfire gatherings.

Ben Appleby, founder of Applebees Health, said: “Our goal is to get men outdoors, get men active and get men talking.

“We understand that health is a balance of both physical and mental wellbeing.

“This initiative is not just about physical health; it places a significant focus on mental health, recognising its crucial role in overall wellness.”

Somerset County Gazette: The scheme combines physical exercise, adrenaline-inducing sports, relaxation techniques,

The representative at Channel Adventure expressed their optimism, stating: “We are just starting with this campaign, but we’ve taken a lot of positives away from our first sessions and hope to build on our programmes moving forward.

“Even though we deliver in six-week blocks, you can join at any point.

“There is no set structure to the sessions, we just want to get men outdoors, talking and enjoying something different!”

Complete details are available online at or by visiting the friendly team at COACH in person.

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