Bench, landscaping and advert in Bridge Street rejected

Somerset Council has refused permission for landscaping, a bench and a wall mounted 48-sheet LED advertisement on Bridge Street.

Vivid Outdoor Media Solutions Ltd had applied to Somerset Council for the scheme, but it was thrown out this week.

The advert would have been installed on the gable wall of 19 Bridge Street, which is adjacent to 15-17 Bridge Street, which was demolished in 2009.

A planning application submitted to the council said: “The corner site immediately in front of the proposed advertisement has become overgrown, untidy and has the added issue of having fence panels missing, providing a secluded area behind for potentially antisocial behaviour.

“The proposal seeks to transform the site at 15-17 Bridge Street making it a more usable and pleasant space.

“The fencing would be removed, and the site cleared of overgrown, self-seeded shrubs.

“The area would be opened-up and attractively landscaped with a bench provided for shoppers to take a breather.”

The landscaping scheme would have included slab paving, interspersed with planting areas containing a mixture of tall shrubs at the back and low-level shrubs at the front.

The area would have been maintained on a quarterly basis in line with the maintenance schedule of the display unit.

The proposed host property is a take-away restaurant and the surrounding and facing premises include, cafes, bars, salons, shops and offices.

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