Community fundraiser after Evie Doyle, from North Petherton, passes away

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl with a “contagious” and “beautiful” smile sadly passed away last Wednesday (March 17).

And so friends and family members have created a fundraiser to help her family through the difficult time.

Evie Doyle, who lived in North Petherton with her mum Mykala Doyle, was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uncontrolled epilepsy.

She was described as a “fighter” and defied the odds over and over again.

Evie was on end of life care five years ago but managed to hold on. And then, after deteriorating again this year, she was taken off her ventilator – but “in true Evie style” she managed to survive another five weeks.

Somerset County Gazette: Evie Doyle

Evie passed away on March 17, six weeks after celebrating her 13th birthday.

“The last year has been hard as her health has been deteriorating and just before her 13th birthday the doctors and myself decided it would be in Evie’s best interest for us to take Evie off her ventilator,” said Mykala.

“So all my family isolated as we had not seen them in over a year as Evie and I have been shielding.

“We had a party to celebrate her turning 13 – all her friends and family where there and she loved it.

“She passed five weeks after her ventilator was taken off – peacefully with myself her grandmother and aunties by her side.

“I’m just so lucky I got to be her mum.”

Somerset County Gazette: Evie Doyle

Before she died, Evie would have lessons with Helen Spear, her one to one teaching assistant, who would visit three times a week.

Evie had “an enthusiasm for learning” and was very creative.

During Covid, Evie’s school introduced an AV1 robot which would sit in her lessons at school, – so she could join in from the lessons at home.

He face “lit up” when she saw all her school friends.

“I feel extremely privileged to have played a small part in Evie’s life, it was a real pleasure to deliver her weekly sessions, but what was truly special was they way she looked forward to her sessions,” said Helen.

“She was always so engaged and eager, she really was a one in a million child who had a lust for life and enjoyed every minute of it while time allowed.

“Her friendly, cheerful disposition reflected the love and care she received from her amazingly positive Mum and family.

“Evie will be very sadly and sorely missed by everyone who knew her.”

Somerset County Gazette: Evie Doyle

Jo Fear, a family friend, said Evie was “strong, funny and cheeky” and was “always smiling and laughing”.

Her nanny and grandad added that she was “an amazing little fighter, with the most beautiful smile”.

Auntie Courtney and Uncle Nick added that Evie was “the strongest, bravest little girl who always had the biggest of smiles – a smile that was contagious to us all”.

Evie’s auntie/Godmother Shannon Doyle, who said Evie will “always be in their hearts”, set up a fundraiser last week to support Mykala after Evie’s death.

The aim of the fundraiser is to raise £5,000 and it has already reached an incredible £3,635.

Shannon said: “Many of Mykalas friends contacted me to enquire about how or what they can do to help support Mykala at this heartbreaking time and after some thought we decided that we would set up a fundraising page so anyone can help that wishes to.”

Somerset County Gazette: Evie Doyle

Evie’s funeral will be on Monday, March 29. The service is invite only, but the church has agreed anyone is welcome to see Evie into the church for 12pm, and at 12.40pm to follow Evie on her final journey through the village.

“We would love a sea of people to show just how loved Evie was,” Mykala said.

“We would love you all to bring a single flower of your choice to carry behind Evie, this can be given to the funeral directors at the cemetery for them to lay down after the burial.”

To donate, visit

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