East Street in Taunton remains closed, council confirms

THERE has been speculation on social media that East Street in Taunton is opening one way.

However, Somerset County Council (SCC) have confirmed that there is no change and the road is still closed.

There is hope among Taunton residents that East Street will open to help cope with the traffic caused by roadworks on Billetfield, Paul Street and Mary Street.

On Twitter, Steve Ashworth pointed out that some of the barriers had been removed and there was a one-way sign.

And many residents responded saying they were ‘keeping their fingers crossed’ the road would re-open to help ease the heavy traffic.

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But SCC have confirmed the barriers are still in place and the one-way sign (which has been in place for some time) is for delivery drivers only.

The work is part of a ‘residential development’ and involves installing a dedicated right-turn lane at the junction of Billetfield and Paul Street, according to Somerset County Council.

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It is believed the residential development in question is the Quantock House redevelopment, which is being undertaken by the AHH Group (Affordable Housing and Healthcare Group).

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