Ethan Porter injured in scooter accident in Lyngford Park, Taunton,

A MOTHER is threatening to sue the council after her teenage son suffered a bad leg injury playing in a Taunton park.

Ethan Porter’s leg will be in a plaster cast for the rest of the school summer holiday following the incident in Lyngford Park.

He twisted his leg after his scooter was upended as he jumped off one of the metal ramps in the skate park.

Ethan, 13, of Dorchester Road, is awaiting hospital results to see if he has broken any bones.

His mother, Lisa Acreman, said: “I fear he might have damaged his growth bone and his injury could be long term.

“He’s going to be in plaster for six to eight weeks at least.”

Ethan was playing with friends in the park off Eastwick Road when the end of his scooter jammed in a rut at the bottom of the ramp.

“The park isn’t safe and it makes me wonder how safe the other parks in Taunton are,” said Ms Acreman.

“I want people to know about this because I don’t want anyone else to get injured playing in a park.

“Ethan struggles to walk on crutches, so I’ve got him a wheelchair if he needs to go out.

“As it is, he spends most of his time lying on the sofa. It’s very painful.”

Ms Acreman has hired a no win no fee team of solicitors, who she claims will be demanding compensation from park owners Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT).

The authority sent workers to the site to fence off the ramps and put up a notice saying the skate park is closed.

A council spokesman said: “SWT has received a complaint in relation to this matter but does not comment on individual cases.

“We take our responsibility for maintaining parks and public open spaces seriously, carrying out inspections to all plays areas once a month.

“These inspections have continued throughout the Coivd-19 pandemic, even when play areas were not in use.

“The council will always respond quickly to concerns around play areas which can be reported using the online form.”

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