Fans ready as first Glastonbury Festival tickets go on sale

THAT awful feeling of dread as the clock seems to move faster and faster…

8.59am… 9am… Refresh, refresh, refresh… 9.03am… Refresh, refresh, REFRESH!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, Glastonbury Festival tickets go on sale this week, the first time people are able to get their hands on entry to the 2020 event – the 50th year since it was first held at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

Social media is already alive with people starting to panic about securing their ticket, but the long ans short of it is – there isno magic way to get through. If it’s your time, it’s your time…

However, do be prepared:

* Prepare well in advance
It may sound silly, but internet connections (particularly under the strain of millions of people trying to connect) can be very fragile things.

Have all registration numbers, address details (postcodes) and card details ready, clear and easy to type. You could even pop them in a document on your computer (that you have open) for easy copy and pasting.

Once you get through, you want to get it done and out as soon as possible!

* Don’t give up
As mentioned above, the 15 minutes or so it takes for tickets to sell out feels like an instant when you can’t get through.

But don’t give in. There have been years where, even though all social media streams are saying tickets have ‘sold out’, I’ve still managed to get one because somehow, I was actually in the system, but it wasn’t updating properly etc.

So do persevere, no matter how badly you feel the urge to give up.

This is The West Country:

SPECIAL TIMES: The 2020 Glastonbury will mark 50 years since the event was first held at Worthy Farm, Pilton

And here are the details of when you will have to put all of these things into action:

Thursday, October 3 – 6pm
The first tickets to go on sale are coach and ticket packages – meaning you buy a bus ticket at the same time as a festival ticket.

Yes, you must get on the coach, you can’t buy and then drive anyway (and that’s just not on).

You can buy up to SIX tickets at a time, paying the initial £50 deposit (the full £265 plus £5 booking fee is due by the first week in April).

Sunday, October 6 – 9am
This is the big one – the general weekend tickets sale.

Again, you can order up to SIX tickets per transaction, paying the £50 deposit as above.

And if you miss out then, there are even more chances to secure that golden ticket, as those who don’t pay their full ticket balance see their tickets go back on sale in mid April.

Thursday, April 16 2020
Coach and ticket resale

Sunday, April 19 2010
General weekend tickets resale

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The very best of luck to everyone who wants to get a ticket.

May the Worthy be with you.

In the meantime, you can get all your Glastonbury Festival news, memories, pictures and more on our dedicated @GlastoGazette Instagram page.

And remember, if it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, there are LOTS of other amazing festivals to try.

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