Flea bomb sets off fire alarm at Waterside Lock flats in Taunton

SCORES of people were evacuated from a block of flats in Taunton after a ‘flea bomb’ set off the fire alarm.

Around half a dozen fire engines rushed to the scene of the incident at Waterside Lock at around 6.30pm yesterday (Thursday).

Police also attended and everyone was ordered out of the building.

Children were wrapped in foil blankets to stay warm.

One resident dived out of the shower and quickly dressed when he heard the alarm go off.

He said: “The first fire engine was there in record time within 90 seconds.

“Then another one turned up and six more after that.

“The building was evacuated.

“It turned out someone had lit a flea bomb in their room.

“The firefighters smashed through the door to put it out.

“It’s kicking off in the flats because the person says he was told he could light the fire bomb to deal with an infestation of fleas.”

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson firefighters attended the incident, which was caused by a “fumigation device”.

We have approached Live West housing association for a comment.

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