Footway in Eastwick Road, Taunton, fenced off for months

One pedestrian says people are forced to “walk sideways” and wheelchair users and need to cross the road.

The pedestrian, who only wishes to be known as Tim, said people joke that the council has “forgotten” about the site in Eastwick Road.

He said the fencing was put up after a tree that was damaging the pavement was cut down at the Cheddon Road end of the road.

“It’s been a mess for months, from before lockdown,” said Tim.

“I walk there most days. It’s not a big problem for me, but it’s pretty unsightly.

“You have to walk sideways to get through. If you’re unlucky enough to meet someone coming the other way at the same time, you have to wait or step into the road to avoid them.

“Anyone in a wheelchair needs to cross the road.

“I know there are more important things at the moment, but I’ve seen council workers repairing road surfaces in other areas. Surely this wouldn’t be a huge job to carry out, so what’s the problem?

“Everyone’s moaning about it. Some people have a laugh and say the council’s forgotten about us.”

The County Gazette has asked the council for a comment.

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