Glastonbury Festival organisers warn off visitors – again

ORGANISERS of the Glastonbury Festival have once again urged people not to visit Worthy Farm – home of the event.

The festival, which was set to mark 50 years since it was first held on the farm at Pilton, was called off earlier this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, festival fans have been making the trek to the site, prompting a spokesperson to warn against making a visit.

“Worthy Farm and its surrounding farms are private property and, given the current circumstances, the land used by Glastonbury Festival is closed to the public,” the spokesperson said.

“Despite this, we have seen increasing numbers of visitors attempting to access the site used by the Festival.

“For the sake of those who continue to work and live on the site, we would ask that you please do not consider visiting.

“Those who do attempt to access the site will be asked to leave.”

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The festival was due to run from this Wednesday, June 24, to June 28, with headliners Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar.

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