Good calf health for rapid growth

Pre-weaned calves have the potential to grow very quickly, so it pays to get them off to the best possible start and this means keeping them healthy according to Dan Miles from Harpers Farm Supplies.

Colostrum is the foundation for a healthy calf, helping to boost the initial immune system. But sometimes there will be insufficient quality colostrum available, so Dan recommends having Volac Calf Volostrum to hand.

“Pasteurised against Johnes and EBL free, Volostrum is a nutrient rich natural alternative to maternal colostrum which is ideally suited as a first feed for the young calf,” he comments. “It is designed for use when an adequate supply of good quality maternal colostrum is unavailable”. 

While looking to optimise growth rates, he says that scours remains a major risk with calves and can have a significant impact on growth rates from which they may not recover. The impact of scours can be reduced by ensuring that calves are rapidly reenergised, rehydrated and revitalised with a supply of electrolytes to restore electrolyte balance.

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“Any digestive upset must be taken seriously as they can be life threatening and will certainly set calves back. To help farmers reduce the impact, we recommend Volac ASGold which is a complementary feed for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance. It can be used during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance and contains a unique blend of electrolytes, glucose, natural plant fibres and pectins”.  

Harpers Farm Supplies are stockists of Volac animal health products, call the office on 01409 259 600 for more information.

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