Hinkley Point gets ready to install the heart of the power station

Following last year’s “Dome Lift” when the reactor building roof was lifted in place, it features preparations to install the first nuclear reactor, the massive steam generators, and the world’s largest turbine.

The film, presented by Hinkley Point C’s nuclear island director Simon Parsons, goes behind the scenes as around 12,000 people work to build and fit out the power station.

Viewers are taken on a journey, venturing miles beneath the seabed to witness the final stages of the tunnels that will supply cooling water to the station.

The film also includes the work being done to fit the miles of cables, pipes, and equipment and showcases the 50-metre-tall Turbine Hall, destined to house the world’s largest Arabelle turbine.

More than £5 billion has been spent with companies across the South West, with 3,800 British businesses supporting the project.

8,000 people have received training at the project’s three training Centres of Excellence.

Hinkley Point C will provide 6 million homes with reliable, low-carbon energy and will be vital in helping Britain achieve net zero and stronger energy security.

Somerset County Gazette | News