Indian nurse Honey enjoying working for the NHS in Yeovil

A NURSE has told how she left her family behind in India to work for the NHS in Somerset.

Honey’s husband and one-year-old daughter remained in India while she started her dream job in Yeovil six months ago.

The story of why she made the tough decision to travel to Britain is told today (Tuesday, April 13) in the NHS podcast Our Voices.

Honey, who hopes her husband and daughter will join her in Somerset, said: “Though I left my daughter there [in India], what drives me whenever I am low is that I will be able to give her a quality life and a better education when she grows up. So that keeps me positive.

“It’s really tough to imagine leaving your daughter. It’s so painful, I cannot measure it on any scale.

“But I think of the moment when she comes over here to live with me, and I have a wonderful set up here for her to enjoy her life.”

The UK podcast, now in its 14th week, is hosted by Alex Melia, who has worked on assisting nurses and doctors from overseas to train for work in the UK and is now furthering his mission through audio stories.

Alex Melia

Alex Melia

He said: “As the NHS carry us through this third wave of the pandemic, love for our healthcare system is high, but we still rarely get to hear the individual stories of NHS staff.

“This series provides us a look into the worlds of these brave individuals.”

Since the launch, the show has grown a significant following and has been featured on BBC Radio 4, and selected for the front page of Apple podcasts as New and Noteworthy.

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