LETTER: ‘Are traffic wardens really key workers?’

I WOULD like to congratulate our council on being nothing but a bunch of money-grabbers.

While our government has told us to stay indoors unless we need to get food, I’m looking out of our window and seeing traffic wardens walking around booking cars all over the place.

Surely these people should be at home too?

They certainly are not key workers, so while I’m at home trying not to spread Covid-19, why are the council making these people a danger to me and themselves?

Covid-19 lockdown should be for everybody.

Maybe if they didn’t spend a government grant on rubbish, or employ numpties who do nothing but waste our council’s money, we wouldn’t have to see these traffic wardens walking our streets in such a terrible time.

Getting rid of Covid-19 should be a priority, not stitching us up while we sit at home trying to do our bit to get rid of this terrible epidemic.


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