Line of Duty: Here’s a handy jargon-busting guide ahead of the cast reunion

ONE of the most intriguing parts of Line of Duty was the real police lingo that punctuated the relentless chasing of bent coppers.  

This month, the show’s stars will be appearing at the first reunion since it ended, as Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure, as well as showrunner Jed Mercurio, dish the dirt and raise money for a good cause, with a recording of the event exclusively available to subscribers of this title.

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Ahead of that meeting, let’s fire up the popcorn, get comfy on the couch and relive all the drama with this handy jargon-busting guide to the show. 

Radio Commands  

Fahrenheit  – “Shoot to kill”. You may remember this from the Arnott-Corbett stand-off 

Status zero – Police officer needs immediate assistance 

Status five – En route to incident scene 

Status six – On scene 

Ten eight – In service 


AC-12 – Anti-Corruption Unit 12 

AFO – Authorised Firearms Officer 

AM – Active Message 

ARU – Armed Response Unit 

ARV – Armed Response Vehicle 

CID – Criminal Investigation Department 

CIS – Crime Information System 

CPS – Crown Prosecution Service 

DIR – Digital Interview Recorder 

FI – Forensic Investigator 

IRV – incident response vehicle 

MIT – Murder Investigation Team 

NCS – National Crime Squad 

OCG – Organised crime group 

PNC – Police National Computer 

PR – Police regulations 

SCG – Serious crime group 

SitRep – Situation Report 

SIO – Senior Investigating Officer 

TA – Tactical Adviser 

TFC – Tactical Firearms Commander 

UCO – Undercover Officer 

Police Rankings 

DC – Detective Constable  

DS – Detective Sergeant  

DI – Detective Inspector  

DCI – Detective Chief Inspector  

Det Supt – Detective Superintendent  

DCS – Detective Chief Superintendent  

ACC – Assistant Chief Constable  

DCC – Detective Chief Constable  

CC – Chief Constable  

PCC – Police and Crime Commissioner for Central Police  

PCSO – Police Community Support Officer 

Other jargon 

Blue Ticket – A firearms licence allowing a police officer to carry a gun 

Osman warning – A warning issued by a police officer of a death threat or risk of murder if they become aware of an immediate and present threat to somebody’s life 

Reg 15 – Advises an officer that a complaint has been made or their conduct is being investigated by professional standards. 

Cuckooing – When criminals take over a vulnerable person’s home to use as a base for their illegal activity. 

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