Police discover group of 20 young people gathered at Taunton Vale Sports Club

TWENTY young people were gathered in Taunton Vale Sports Club again on Friday, March 12.

Damage was caused in the area last month and police issued a warning to parents to remind their children of the Covid-19 restrictions.

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Avon and Somerset Police discovered a group of young people at the sports club, along with alcohol and suspected cannabis.

There was also rubbish and smashed glass in the area too.

“Taunton Vale Sports Club has again suffered significant anti social behaviour where PCSO’s and PC’s disturbed a group of approximately 20 young people,” a spokesperson for Taunton Neighbourhood Policing said.

“Alcohol and suspected cannabis were located, along with lots of rubbish and smashed glass.

“One of them helpfully left behind their school bag containing their school planner with their full name and address.

“Some of the youths were returned home and follow up visits to parents will be carried out.

“Two bikes were left at the location, we have taken them for safe keeping and would like to return them to their owners.”

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