Police track eggers in Taunton and Bishop’s Hull

POLICE have tracked down two separate groups of “young people” responsible for egging incidents in the Taunton area.

They have managed to discover the culprits behind eggs being thrown at property in Bishop’s Hull last month.

Officers have visited the young people and spoken to them along with their parents.

The offenders have also received anti-social behaviour letters and must attend an educational workshop.

Police quickly found out those responsible for egging incidents in the Blackbrook and Holway area of Taunton last weekend.

Their investigation is ongoing, but the young people look set to receive the same fate.

A Taunton Neighbourhood Policing Team spokesperson said: “A good outcome with the Bishop’s Hull egging incident that occurred back in February.

“All the young people involved have been identified and spoken to along with their parents, ASB letters have been issued and all will be attending choices and consequences workshop.

“We are in the process of doing the same for the group we identified on the weekend in Blackbrook and Holway.”

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