Police up patrols in Priorswood and Musgrove Road, Taunton

POLICE have increased their presence in two areas of Taunton that have experienced problems in recent days.

Local officers have posted pictures of themselves in Priorswood and near Musgrove Park Hospital to reassure members of the public.

PCSO Corrine Power and PCSO Peter Coakes have been on foot patrol in Musgrove Road.

Several NHS staff working at the hospital came off their shift to discover the tyres of their cars parked in the street had been slashed on Tuesday night.

Officers have made house to house enquiries in a bid to discover who was behind the attacks.

PCSO patrols in Musgrove Road

PCSO patrols in Musgrove Road

Across town in North Taunton, PCSO George Hooley has had a high visibility presence checking on parks and green spaces in Priorswood.

There have been complaints of groups of youths flouting the Covid-19 measures by congregating in groups.

One resident who lives near Lyngford Park said several young people have been meeting up in the shelter by the skate park.

“They play loud music and talk and scream after dark,” said the resident, who does not wish to be named.

“They know they shouldn’t be there. Their parents ought to take responsibility.

“I’m a pensioner and it feels quite intimidating.

“It’s not been so bad the last few nights because it’s been so cold, but I’m concerned it will start up again when the cold weather goes away.”

Police say “Covid warnings have been issued to people who are breaching”.

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