Positive Covid-19 case in Year 11 at The Taunton Academy

STUDENTS at a school in Somerset are self-isolating after a positive Covid-19 test – just four days after pupils headed back to the classroom.

A year 11 student at The Taunton Academy in Taunton tested positive yesterday (March 11).

A group of close contact students are now self-isolating.

John Eddy, headteacher at the school, said: “We did have a case from a Year 11 student yesterday afternoon.

“It was an asymptomatic case and was the third test in school that this student had taken – the previous two being negative.

“We have conducted more than1400 tests in the last week and this is the only positive result that has shown up.

“The fact that an asymptomatic case has been identified shows how important the testing is to break the chains of transmission quickly.

“All relevant close contact students were informed and parents contacted.

“Remote learning provision in in place for those students who are having to self-isolate.”

Somerset County Gazette | News