Revised plans to be submitted for units at Nynehead Court Estate, near Wellington

PLANS to build new units at a care home have caused outrage among local residents – especially after many were misled about tree felling on the site.

Nynehead Court Estate, near Wellington, submitted plans last July for 13 new close care units at Court Farm Gardens.

However, tree felling has taken place on a footpath in the grounds of Nynehead Court Estate.

Last week, the County Gazette reported that this was due to the replanting of native trees to encourage wildlife.

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But we have since had reports from residents suggesting that the trees are actually being removed ahead of a “revised” planning application set to be submitted by Nynehead Court Estate – for more units and a car park on the site.

Somerset County Gazette: TREE CUTTING: at Nynehead Court. Pic: Malcolm Turner

A spokesperson for the estate has said there have been “extensive consultations” since the initial planning application and they are hoping to submit “revised” plans in the near future – which will include the entire Nynehead Court Estate, not just Court Farm Gardens.

Residents who live nearby are outraged at the plans, as they believe the units will create more traffic on an already busy lane.

Walkers and residents alike are also concerned that trees have been cut down before the application has been submitted – with no prior application asking to fell the trees.

One resident, who lives nearby but did not wish to be named, said the potential buildings would “shut out the light” to their home. The plans were “a completely bomb shell”, as the resident had no idea the land would be built on when they recently moved to the area.

“I am also worried about the ongoing noise and disruption from the work that is nearby for a couple of years at least,” they added.

“And I know many of us have concerns about the increase in traffic.”

Somerset County Gazette: Trees have been cut down along the public footpath at Nynehead Court

Darren Hutchings, who lives nearby and regularly walks his dogs along the path where the trees have been felled, said the road is already “very dangerous”.

“They say there is no additional traffic (according to the Court Gardens planning application) but all of these people have visitors. These lanes are busy anyway because of the tip and you will find fly tipping on this lane – I am forever complaining to the council to get it picked up,” he said.

“There are three to four accidents a week here, and it is only a matter of time before someone is killed.”

Somerset County Gazette: Trees have been cut down along the public footpath at Nynehead Court

Malcolm Turner, another resident who lives nearby, is concerned about the increase in traffic, especially as parents park on the lane to pick up their children from Nynehead Under 5s Pre-School.

“The new Waitrose development pushes traffic down here and all pre-school mums park cars there,” he said.

“We do have problems with parking and all the traffic has to come out of one access point by the pre-school. Highways need to do an investigation I think.

“But what has upset me most about the development is that Nynehead Court Estate have removed the trees without planning permission and intentionally.

“Trees can’t just be replaced, they take a long time to grow.

“There are a lot of residents who are very upset about this.”

But Nynehead Court Estate say all the details will be publicly accessible once the planning application has been submitted.

“In July 2020 a planning application was made by The Stepping Stone Group to develop 13 new close care units and a community hub facility, together with associated new landscaping and associated external works and access improvements, at Nynehead Court and Court Gardens,” a spokesperson added.

Somerset County Gazette: PLANS: Court Farm GardensPLANS: Court Farm Gardens

“Extensive consultations have been carried out with the relevant consultees including Nynehead Parish Council over the past seven months, which have proved to be very helpful and constructive.

“The Stepping Stone Group will be reflecting on the results of these consultations in a revised application, which it hopes to submit in the near future. Once the latest proposals are submitted, all the details will once again be publicly accessible.

“Nynehead Court is fully committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and ecology of the Nynehead Court Estate for both the benefit of its residents and the general public, and this will be reflected in the revised plans.

“The proposals include the entire Nynehead Court Estate both from further development and environmental and ecological enhancement.

“As part of our ongoing estate management, there will also be new planting of trees in the next few weeks where appropriate and in consultation with our landscaping consultants and the local authority.”

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