‘SAS team search for missing Taunton man following ISIS terror attack in Mozambique’

A THREE-strong SAS team is in Mozambique trying to find a missing Somerset man following a deadly terror attack involving militants linked to ISIS.

The troops, assisted by South African mercenaries, were sent from a base in Kenya to try to locate Phil Mawer.

The Mirror has reported that Mr Mawer, a caterer, is thought to be the only Brit unaccounted for after the terrorist attack in Palma.

A total of 55 people and soldiers were slaughtered, while buildings including banks and factories were taken over or destroyed, during the siege of Amarula Lodge, which serves Africa’s biggest gas project.

Many of the victims were beheaded.

Mr Mawer was in a convoy of 17 vehicles fleeing the compound when it was ambushed on Friday.

Mr Mawer, a senior manager in overseas catering, was originally from Taunton, where he was educated at Queen’s College.

He has worked in Chad, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Cyprus and the Ukraine.

He became involved with gambling at the age of 24 and for over 20 years it was a hugely destructive part of his life.

He gave up gambling in 2006 and has written a book, Overcoming Gambling, to help others recover from the addiction.

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