Secret Spenders: Channel 4 show wants Somerset participants

CHANNEL 4 show Secret Spenders has been recommissioned for a second series – and its producers are looking for people from Somerset to take part. 

The show, hosted by Anita Rani, aims to help people across the UK save thousands of pounds a year by giving them financial makeovers.

Secret Spenders sees Countryfile and Woman’s Hour presenter Anita and her team of financial experts called in to help by someone who is concerned about the spending habits of their partner or a family member.

The show then secretly films their spending using hidden cameras and, after gathering evidence, Anita stages an intervention, taking them out of their home and confronting them with their findings.

When they are away, the experts go through every detail of their lives to give them a full financial makeover, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to save the family’s hard-earned money. 

Secret Spenders also offers consumer advice, money-saving tips and practical ways of cutting costs.

The first episodes of the show were broadcast in August and September. 

In the programme’s introduction, Anita says: “I’m on a mission to surprise families across the UK with the truth about their spending and to save them a fortune in the process. 

“From the Amazon addicts to the takeaway junkies, thousands of us wonder where all our money goes by the end of the month.” 

Somerset County Gazette: SECRET SPENDERS: The Channel 4 show is hosted by Anita Rani (Image: Channel 4, South Shore Productions)SECRET SPENDERS: The Channel 4 show is hosted by Anita Rani (Image: Channel 4, South Shore Productions)

Secret Spenders was recommissioned in October, with new episodes scheduled to air in spring 2022. 

A spokesperson for the show said: “We’re looking for people in Somerset whose partners or family members are bad with money and whose monthly wages seem to disappear without a trace.

“The UK’s finest financial experts will reveal where their money is really going and how they can save thousands of pounds a year making small changes.

“Last series, we helped save families up to £15,000 a year. 

“This series, we’re hoping to save even more!” 

Somerset County Gazette: FINANCIAL MAKEOVER: Host Anita Rani helps a family save money (Image: Channel 4, South Shore Productions)FINANCIAL MAKEOVER: Host Anita Rani helps a family save money (Image: Channel 4, South Shore Productions)

When the first series was ordered in April, Channel 4’s commissioner for News and Current Affairs, Adam Vandermark, said: “How many of us regularly wonder where has the money gone? And who at home is spending too much?

“This exciting format will not just expose the secret spenders, but look forensically at how we all can get better deals.

“At a time when many families finances are under pressure, this series is perfectly timed to help everyone save more than they thought possible.” 

Secret Spenders is produced by South Shore in Wales and distributed globally by ITV Studios.  

Caroline Davies, executive producer at South Shore, said: “We are thrilled to be able to bring back this fun and informative financial format at a time when everyone in the UK really could do with some money-saving tips.” 

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