Somerset chef Tom Wade-Allison guilty of raping five woman

A CHEF who raped five women after spiking their drinks has been warned to expect a long jail sentence after being found guilty of a string of sex assaults.

Tom Wade-Allison had sex with his semi-conscious victims who became too drunk to fight him off within minutes of consuming gin and tonics and other drinks which he mixed for them.

They became unexpectedly drunk very quickly and later told friends they had felt ‘blank’ or exhausted.

Some were barely able to speak as he took them to bed and had sex with them.

Wade-Allison raped the five women over a period of 18 months in Somerset and Honiton in 2016 and 2017 when the women were aged between 17 and 20.

The first four told friends of their ordeals at the time but did not go to the police and Wade-Allison was only caught when he raped a fifth woman in his staff quarters at a hotel in Martock.

She had gone back for a drink but suddenly felt drowsy after one gin and tonic and woke up to find him raping her. She drifted back into unconsciousness and woke to find the same thing happening again.

He effectively admitted raping her in texts the next day which said: “All I can do is apologise over and over again. Obviously, there was some tiny part of my brain that thought it was okay.”

The others came forward once they learned police were investigating. The all say they were assaulted after becoming incapacitated, apparently by alcohol, while with Wade-Allison.

Some of the assaults happened at sleepovers after parties and some were at the victims’ own homes, including one woman who was raped in a flat above a shop in Honiton.

One victim said Wade-Allison told her he was going to mix her “a special drink” shortly before she began feeling very unwell.

Wade-Allison, 25, of Martock, pleaded not guilty, but was convicted of nine counts of rape, one of attempted rape, three of assault by penetration, and one of sexual assault.

Tom Wade-Allison who faces a lengthy jail sentence Image: Nick Irving

Tom Wade-Allison who faces a lengthy jail sentence Image: Nick Irving

He was remanded in custody by Judge Timothy Rose at Exeter Crown Court and told to expect a long jail sentence.

Sentencing was adjourned until April 15 to allow the victims to update their impact statements and give them an opportunity to read them in court.

He told Wade-Allison: “I’m not going to address you today about the jury’s verdicts and what they mean for you. That has all to be determined at the next hearing.

“I simply say this – you will understand you are facing a very substantial prison sentence. There is no way I can mince my words about that.”

During a two-week trial, the jury heard that he common feature of all the allegations was that Wade-Allison took advantage of the women when they were severely affected by drinks and possibly cannabis

They became very drunk very quickly and in some cases there was no connection with how much they had drunk.

One blanked out after a single drink and went from being totally okay to not being there at all. Another was just too drunk or stoned to stop him.

Tom Wade-Allison who faces a lengthy jail sentence Image: Nick Irving

Tom Wade-Allison who faces a lengthy jail sentence Image: Nick Irving

Wade Allison denied spiking any drinks and said he only had sex with the women when they were awake and consenting.

He said in some cases they were very drunk but they were still capable of agreeing to sex and did so.

He denied raping the fifth complainant at his room at the hotel where he works.

He said: “It just did not happen. She accused me of spiking her drink but I didn’t do so. I never raped any of these women. I have never got hold of any stupefying drugs.”

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