Susie’s Bakehouse delivers cupcakes to key workers in Taunton

A TAUNTON baker set herself a mission to cheer up key workers who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Sue Manning, from Susie’s Bakehouse, has been baking cupcakes for staff in and around Taunton over the past few months.

She also had help from the general manager at Morrisons in Taunton, Scott Murphy, who donated ingredients to bake the sweet treats.

Somerset County Gazette: DONATIONS: Morrisons donated ingredients to help Sue make and deliver her cupcakes

During the last lockdown, Sue baked around 200 cupcakes for NHS workers.

She asked followers of her Facebook page – Susie’s Bakehouse – to nominate someone they know who would love to receive a “pick me up”.

“I wanted to do something to support key workers again in this current lockdown, as having friends who work at the hospital, I know they are finding this increase in cases much harder than the first-time round,” she said.

“I have less time now, but I still wanted to help. So seeing the post from Scott about supporting local business on Facebook, I messaged him to ask if Morrisons would be happy to donate some ingredients to my business and in return I would bake cupcakes again for the NHS.”

And so once she had received the ingredients, Sue delivered the cupcakes to key workers.

Somerset County Gazette: JOY: The A&E department at Musgrove Park Hospital recieving cakes

Places that received donations included:

  • Musgrove Park Hospital – A & E department / ICU department / Catering/kitchen team / Outpatients / The Beacon Centre / Covid Unit
  • Linden House Care Home, Wellington
  • Purple Surgical – (PPE equipment)
  • Suez Recycling, Bridgwater
  • Bridgwater Ambulance Station
  • CAMHS – children’s mental health charity
  • Avishayes Primary School, Chard

Somerset County Gazette: DELIVERY: Purple Surgical - (PPE equipment)

“It has been really uplifting to see how appreciative the recipients were when they received the cakes,” Sue added.

“It has made me feel I’ve helped lift spirits in jobs that have been so demanding.”

Somerset County Gazette: YUM: The Beacon Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital

Somerset County Gazette: SKILLS: Susie's Bakehouse cupcakes

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