Taunton woman welcomes Ukrainian refugees

A WOMAN from Taunton who welcomed a Ukrainian mum and her son said it was a “no-brainer” to help and host refugees.

Natalie Dyson has welcomed Krystyna and her son Sasha who arrived from Ukraine on Friday (Thursday, April 7).

Natalie, who lives with her two daughters and son, said: “I decided to host someone as soon as they announced it was possible. It was a no-brainer and I wanted to help because I have a spare room.”

Somerset County Gazette:
Natalie’s son Oscar (left) with his “new brother” Sasha

She said she found Krystyna on a Facebook group set up to match UK residents with Ukrainian refugees.

Natalie realised they had a lot in common and proceeded to apply for a visa on her behalf.

Recalling the moment they all met in London, she said: “It was a mix of emotions, they were happy to be here.

“I was really relieved that they were safe and I was very happy to see them. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience to meet someone for the first time, but now it’s going well.

“They have made themselves at home, I am helping her and she is helping me.”

Natalie said Krystyna will be working, while her son Sasha, who is “like a new brother” for her 8-year-old son Oscar, will attend primary school.

She also said that they will be attending a lot of events in support of Ukraine and Krystyna will be helping the Taunton group helping refugees.

Natalie and Krystyna also featured on ITV’s Lorraine.

People across Somerset have been helping Ukraine with many initiatives. 

Several people drove to the Polish-Ukraine border to help refugees and donate the donations collected across the county and last week another woman living in Taunton welcomed a Ukrainian family.

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