‘That was just off the charts’: Kylie Minogue talks about her 2019 Glastonbury Festival show

KYLIE Minogue has reflected on her performance at Glastonbury, saying she will “never experience anything like that again”.

She told Zane Lowe on Apple Music it is “hard” for her to describe the performance.

The singer took to the Pyramid Stage in 2019 after a cancer diagnosis in 2005 forced the Australian to pull out of the festival that year.

Minogue told the programme: “The humanity of it and the connection and the history, that was just… off the charts.”

“The emotion and the humanity, I mean, all you saw was humans.

“I will, no doubt, never experience anything like that again in my life.”

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She also discussed her new album Disco, saying some of the “best” music in the genre which inspired the record is “really sad”.

Minogue added: “And it’s dressed in sequins and it’s lit with coloured lights.

“And of course, disco’s history is rooted in the need and desire to have a place to express yourself and be yourself without judgment or not be yourself, whichever way you’re inclined.”

She also discussed the possibility of touring again, saying it feels like “a dreamscape right now”.

Minogue said she likes “the idea of a show where almost people don’t feel like they have to look at what’s going on on stage”.

“We’re just all at a big nightclub,” she said.

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