Tree roots entangled with power cables and gas pipes in Eastwick Road, Taunton

that has been fenced off for around a year.

The problem surrounds a tree that was taken down in Eastwick Road at its junction with Cheddon Road, as it was damaging the footway.

The site was left with the tree stump and roots protruding and fencing placed around it for safety reasons.

The work was stopped before the first lockdown when it was discovered that the roots had become entangled with a gas pipe and a high voltage cable.

A Somerset County Council spokesperson said: “We understand the frustration local residents may be feeling that this issue is taking a significant amount of time to resolve and we are grateful for their patience.

“The roots of the tree have become entangled with both a gas pipe and high voltage cable and this will require very careful extraction both in terms of the safety for those involved, and to ensure there is no serious damage and interruption to the power and gas supplies.

“We are working closely with the utility firm involved to bring this matter to a safe conclusion.”

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