Trish Caller talks about bullying in her latest column

JUST recently I have become very aware of the amount of bullying happening all around us. From the rumours in Westminster to our own community, including our local children.

I was bullied at school for being overweight. I am 57 now and I can still remember the pain, humiliation, and shame. I often wonder if the bullies back then realise what an effect their cruel words had on me. I guess I was an easy target, they certainly got a reaction every time as my cheeks flamed red and the tears rolled down my face.

I felt unworthy, disgusting, unloved. But in those days, it was generally just at school. I found Mindfulness later in life, I wish I had learned it earlier. It is like a suit of armour to protect against emotional weakness.

These days the victims of bullying get it thrown at them physically, but also via mobile messages, calls, social media. It is inescapable!

Currently a very close friend is going through this as her daughter is being bullied in her new school. At the age her daughter is she is already struggling with fitting into a new senior school with children she has never met before, as they came from different primary schools.

On top of this, consider the horrible situation with Covid lockdowns, home schooling, lack of social interaction with her friends etc. Not forgetting raging hormones. Her confidence now is so low. She is confused and upset.

My heart aches for my friend and with her daughter who is quite honestly one of the nicest young ladies I have ever met. Yes, she is a bit shy. However, she is also so thoughtful, kind, polite and great company. She is a credit to her parents. I have written her a letter to tell her how fabulous she is! Reminding her that she is loved by so many people. Hopefully this will help her to stay strong and feel better about herself.

The school is taking it seriously, apologies have been received. But how long will it take for her mental scars to heal? For me it has been over 50 years. I don’t want her to feel sad for a moment longer than necessary. The bullies may need help too. What personal problems, issues are they having?

I mentioned the govt at the beginning and I was referring to the allegations of MPs being threatened with cuts to their constituencies to make their communities better. If true, then this is outrageous. Hopefully it will all come out in the current investigations.

Politics aside though, bullying happens everywhere, at all ages, at work too. If you are a bully, please stop and think about the consequences of your cruelty? How would you feel it was you on the receiving end?

If you are a victim, take a moment to think about your blessings, reach out to family and friends and tell them. I wish I had a magic wand to fix these situations, but I don’t. Just remember that love always wins. See you again in two weeks!

Until then – Stay Safe and Be Kind.

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