Vandals damage cars in Longforth Road area of Wellington

VANDALS damaged a number of cars just off Wellington town centre over the weekend.

Wing mirrors were vandalised along Longforth Road and Victoria Street in the attack.

Some of the victims have reported the incident to the police.

But officers say they know there were even more victims, who they are asking to contact them.

A Wellington Neighbourhood Policing Team spokesperson said: “Police have received a report of criminal damage to cars in the Longforth Road/Victoria Street area.

“We are aware other vehicles have been damaged but not yet reported.

“If your vehicle has been damaged please can you call and report it to police using 101.

“If you have any information that might help the investigation please call 101 ref. 5221066109.”

A number of people have taken to social media to express their anger at what happened.

Among them, Megan Beale said: “My van mirror has yet again been smashed, I only had it replaced 2 weeks ago from when another dishonest person broke it.

“For the people who will comment about kids being bored, have a word with yourself.

“I would be classed as a ‘youth’ but I don’t do things like this. I don’t care what aged person or group think it’s fun to vandalise vehicles, it’s not acceptable and I will be reporting to the police.”

Chelsea Thorne said: “It was on the passengers side which was next to the path, my next door neighbours also had it happen to his car too!”

Julie Beale said: “There was a least 4 cars with their wing mirrors hanging off, the rest had all been pushed back the wrong way.”

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