Somerset care home welcomes alpacas for animal therapy

Care UK’s Rossetti House in Frome welcomed two friendly alpacas, Liquorice and Spartan Warrior.

The visit, organised by Alpaca Adventure, an award-winning animal sanctuary, aimed to provide therapeutic experiences designed to uplift moods and increase social interaction, particularly for dementia patients.

The alpacas provided an afternoon of interactive enlightenment for residents, where they learned about the animals’ history, characteristics, and enjoyed an opportunity to interact with the calm, intelligent creatures.

Residents expressed their admiration for the well-behaved alpacas, appreciating the chance to meet them.

Phil Vale, General Manager at Rossetti House, expressed his gratitude for the visit and explained the significance of such therapy sessions.

He said: “We had a wonderful afternoon welcoming our very special guests, Liquorice and Spartan Warrior and thank you to Wendy for bringing them to the home.”

Animal therapy or pet therapy refers to the use of animals as a way to help people cope with and recover from some physical and mental health conditions.

Depending on the function of the therapy, people may choose from various animals, including dogs, horses, and birds.

Pointing to the benefits of animal therapy, Mr Vale further explained: “Here at Rossetti House, we understand how beneficial animal therapy sessions can be, as it can lift a person’s mood and encourage social interaction, especially for those living with dementia.

“These gentle creatures are known for being social animals that enjoy human company, making them perfect to visit the home and spend time with residents.”

 “Thank you to Alpaca Adventure for bringing Liquorice and Spartan Warrior to the home, and we look forward to welcoming other animals, great or small to Rossetti House in the future!”

Rossetti House advocates for a life of active and fulfilled living for their residents.

The design of the building facilitates creation of tight-knit communities and encourages social interaction, with spaces allocated for hobby and leisure activities.

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