SIAMS report reflects Old Cleeve First School’s positive work

The inspection occurred in December, before the Christmas holidays, and the school’s vision, “We see remarkable things everyday,” is being embodied by its staff and students.

According to the inspectors, the school radiates an atmosphere of curiosity and exploration.

The students are free to discover their talents and share their abilities within the school community.

SIAMS inspector, David Hatrey, praised the school atmosphere saying: “Old Cleeve is a caring and happy place, where all feel valued.

“Leaders and pupils appreciate how drawing on Jesus’ example enables all to live together well.”

Echoing Hatrey’s appreciation, children’s behaviour was also credited as impressive by the inspectors.

This curiosity-filled ethos sparks and sustains interest in the school from outside observers.

Religious education is recognised in the report as one of the exceptional facets of Old Cleeve, with a ‘balanced and well-sequenced’ curriculum.

Opportunities for exploring religion and worldwide views through big questions are encouraged.

Old Cleeve’s trustee representative, Jane Bellamy, said: “The Trustees are very proud that the recent SIAMS report positively reflects the great works that the school does to ensure the Christian ethos of the school.

“Old Cleeve School’s vision that ‘We see remarkable things every day’ shone through and the report acknowledges the opportunities the pupils are given to develop spirituality, morally and culturally.”

It was also noticed that children at the school are encouraged to be confident as well as agents for change.

Robert Lakin, Beacon Education Trust chief executive, expressed his pride over the honest SIAMS report.

He said: “The report is an honest and accurate reflection of the hard work and dedication of the whole team at Old Cleeve First School.

“The feeling of care, guidance and support are reflected in the family feel of the school, driven by Mrs Murch.”

Moved by the acknowledgment, headteacher Emma Murch expressed her immense pride for the entire Old Cleeve School community.

She said: “To have been inspected by Ofsted and Siams within six months of each other and for both reports to reflect the hard work and determination of all, it is wonderful!

“I would like to extend a special congratulations and thank you, to Miss Needs, for her knowledgeable and passionate approach to leading RE at Old Cleeve School. She strives to provide diverse and inspiring experiences for all the children, we are very lucky to have her. “In fact we are lucky to have everyone of the team at Old Cleeve First School, it is an honour and a privilege to be the Headteacher – we absolutely, ‘see remarkable things every day!’ Luke 5:26.”

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